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Culture of the Kingdom from the 'Call to Business' conference

Culture plays a dominant role in determining our personal identity. That is why knowing the culture of God’s Kingdom is so essential amid the pressures and conflicts of the modern world. Today, God is restoring Israel as a modern nation as well as His purposes among people serving Him in business and other “secular” callings. This convergence is destined to impact many nations with the lawfulness and power of God’s Kingdom culture.


  • “Brilliant, simply brilliant... Within a few moments after I began reading I was totally captured and needed only a couple of hours to finish it..."
    - Pastor John Pasterkamp
    Pentecostal leader in The Netherlands
  • “...I believe this book will bless all who read it.”
    - Pastor Dan Peterson
    Founder and Chairman of Nations Reach
  • “ ...a tapestry of teaching and testimony...”
    - Gail Dixon
    Director Nations Trust UK
  • “well written, succinct, insightful, and informative.”
    - Robert F. Wolff
    President of Majestic Glory Ministries, Malibu CA
  • “This book is an exciting and engaging read and the truths within can change your life if you’ll let them!”
    - Geoffrey Cohen
    Pastor of Jewish Ministries
  • “...This book will be recommended reading for our faith family.”
    - Cory Ishida
    Senior Pastor, Evergreen SGV Church
  • Inspiring and practical in understanding God's heart for a culture of the Kingdom to be present on the Earth. You will not be disappointed!
    - Andy Byrd